Shelf Talkers “Stop the Shopper”

December 27, 2017
So Why Not Download Them For Free at 
"It works for wine,” says Bob Sokel, Off-premise Chain and Space Planning Manager for Origlio Beverage. “There is no doubt in my mind that shelf talkers stop the shopper and influence what a browsing customer purchases. That’s why we’ve invested so much money in custom software, which automatically generates shelf talkers for each one of our products. We know that consumers like variety and want to be educated, so why wouldn’t a retailer take advantage of this free service?” 
Retailers know the importance of stopping customers in their tracks to get them to buy things that aren’t on their shopping list. A good shelf talker can do that. “When I’m in a wine store, I watch people shop. I see them drawn to a bottle because they are reading the shelf talker,” Sokel observed. “Once the bottle is in their hands, there’s a good chance it will end up in the shopping cart.” 
Along with a full-color graphic, Origlio’s shelf talkers uniformly display the information consumers typically look up on their cell phones… style, ABV, IBUs, taste and food pairings. There’s even a space for you to include a score from whichever source you find credible. (ABI recently purchased so we thought you would want to use a score from an independent source you trust.) Beers tagged with a rating – preferably those with a score of 88 or higher, tend to sell better. You could call them “better beers” that sell at higher price points. In other words, the beers you want to sell more of.
So why should you bother downloading Origlio’s shelf talkers? 
Shelf talkers provide information that customers may be afraid or embarrassed to ask. Plus, consumers are more likely to buy a product that catches their eye. That factor outweighs promotions, coupons, recommendations and even ads according to a study by Market Force.
Origlio’s eye-catching shelf talkers, with their colorful graphics and useful information, not only tell the beer’s story, they grab the shopper’s attention right at the point of purchase, where 70% of buying decisions are made. How cool is that? 

Shelf Talkers Add Another Level of Customer Service and…

  1. Simplify the shopper’s decision making process
  2. Highlight products with the hottest flavors and trends customers seek
  3. Create a positive, “value-added” shopping experience
  4. Guide the shopper to higher margin brands
  5. Combined with a price promotion, shelf talkers signal value, increasing sales velocity
  6. Shoppers seek strong value propositions, not always the lowest cost
  7. Increase purchases made by loyal customers
  8. Attract new customers who like the way you sell beer


Simply search for a beer at Click on the beer and it will take you to a description page. Hover over the shelf talker box on the upper right side. Select print. Four shelf talkers are then automatically sent directly to your printer.

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