Brothers Pizza & Restaurant

December 9, 2019
A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Don’t let the name fool you. Brothers is far from your average pizzeria. Founders Antoinette and Vince Testa opened the doors to this Drexel Hill landmark 39 years ago. An Italian restaurant with an outdoor beer garden, Brothers has won many “Best in Delaware County” awards for its food – soup, cheesesteaks & pizza, of course – and the dining experience enjoyed by the customers. But the Testa’s attribute much of their success to the relationships they have formed with their neighbors. For those families and individuals, Brothers is the place where everybody knows your name. Heady Times sat down with Antoinette Testa to learn about the history of Brothers Pizza & Restaurant and how it has led to so much success.
Heady Times (HT): Fill us in on the history of Brothers. 39 years is a long time to be in business!
Antoinette Testa (AT): My husband is originally from Italy and I’m from New Jersey. We started out across the street and were in that location for 21 years. At the time, this building was a body shop. We always told the owner to let us know when he was ready to retire because we had interest in the property. One day he came in and said, “Call your lawyer, I’m ready to retire”. Vincent came home that night and said, “Guess what? I bought the building across the street!” It was a big renovation, but it was the right move! This allowed us to create our beer garden, while significantly increasing our interior seating capacity.
HT: Working with a spouse isn’t always easy. How have you made it work so well for so long?
AT: You must separate the professional from personal. At work we are a team and at home he’s my husband, which is important. We always check with one another and make collaborative decisions. It works because we specialize in different areas; I handle the beer, while he takes care of the food. Between the two of us, we cover it all. It’s worked well for us, and we think we make a great husband and wife team. 
HT: What has set you apart from other establishments and contributed to your success?
AT: We are a big part of the community. Vince and I have seen so many families come in with their babies, and now those children are in college. Everyone comes back to see us. And most of our customers don’t even look at the menu anymore, they ask Vince to make them something special. There are so many pizza places around, we try to personalize everything in a meaningful way. Once there was a bad snowstorm and a customer told us his mother was stuck in her home, without much to eat. We were the only place open, so we sent some food over. We try to help people out as much as possible. We really care and we want people to know that.
HT: How have you shown customers that Brothers is a place they can rely on for great beer?
AT: Social media is a huge tool for us to communicate with our customers. We carry over 250 beers. Social media allows me to keep folks up to date on our inventory. Then, people come in and tell us what they are looking for. I do everything I can to get the product in for them. I call them personally to let them know I’ve ordered it and when it will arrive. I never want anyone to walk out of here disappointed.
Yuengling and local beer primarily sells the most. The Origlio portfolio has always been a massive part of our beer selection because of the variety offered. And the company has always been easy to order from and is consistently excellent to work with.
HT: How else has Origlio helped your business?
AT: Origlio’s sales reps have always been phenomenal. The company’s customer service is incredible too. And if there is ever a mistake, they are on it the same day. Everyone goes above and beyond to help us however they can. Between Heady Times and the weekly emails, it is easy to stay on top of the new and seasonal products, so we can get everything we need. • 700 Burmont Road, Drexel Hill • 610-622-2662
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