Brut – The Next IPA

March 12, 2019
Refreshing and easy to drink, this latest riff on craft beer’s most iconic style is, in a word – RADICAL. Brut IPAs will appeal to anyone who loves dry, white wine or even champagne. Could this be the IPA for IPA haters?
India pale ales, or IPAs, have been the mainstay of the American craft scene for a long time. Brewmasters have dazzled our palates with hop-forward variations of the style ranging from sessionable to palate-wrecking. No matter how big or crushable, these IPAs were reliably hoppy. That is, until now… 
Brut IPAs, quite literally, have turned the style on its head.
Bruts are crisp, balanced, light-bodied and dry, with light fruit flavors and floral hop aromas. If this sounds more like a lager or sparkling wine (it is often compared to the best champagne), you aren’t far off. Some have even said that Brut IPAs remind them of craft beer’s best pale ales. Think of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
But how can an IPA be all these things and still be considered an IPA?
Borrowing from winemakers play books, the brewmasters add an enzyme called amylase after fermentation. Amylase gobbles up the sugar that the yeast failed to digest, yielding a beer with the characteristics of a great, dry, white wine.
These are some of our favorites…
Characterized by its champagne-like body and unbelievably dry finish, Abita Stratosbeer Brut IPA is delicately balanced, with little bitterness, yet distinguished by fruity hop aromas and flavors.
A bone-dry IPA turned liquid gold, Ballast Point Brut IPA features a light body matched only by its light bitterness. But don’t be fooled, this beer is exploding with juicy, citrus hop character.
Brewed for a bone-dry, champagne-style finish, late hop additions give Sierra’s Brut IPA a balanced bitterness and a bright pop of citrus flavor.
Sixpoint Sparkler 
The hop character is incredible, but the body of the beer is what really sparkles… Sixpoint Sparkler is brewed to be extra dry and effervescent. Think IPA meets a dry, sparkling wine: an extremely refreshing and repeatable juice bomb with mild bitterness.
Peak Sparkle 
This bubbly, crisp and flavorful Brut IPA is made with some of Peak’s favorite hops. It sparkles like champagne, drinks like a session and tastes like a dank, New England-style IPA.
Fermented with Stoudts’ house ale yeast strain down to nearly 0˚ Plato, this delicately dry, yet tastefully hoppy IPA is late-hopped with loads of Citra, Amarillo and Azacca for a pungent, yet crisp flavor.
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