Implementing Change in the Digital Age

June 27, 2018

In the last blog I discussed Leadership in the Digital Age. In my opinion, leadership is the most important rule of strategy and as such requires a deeper dive into each of the areas. The areas that were discussed are as follows:


  1. The future belongs to the fast.  
  2. Done is better than perfect.
  3. Sometimes the job outgrows good people.
  4. Real progress is made when we move from analyzing and reporting to doing.
  5. If you find yourself explaining, you are losing.
  6. Energy and hunger trump experience.
  7. The road to excellence is always under construction.
  8. Embrace the disruption.

The future belongs to the fast not the big – Be bold and decisive, test and learn. This is an area where smaller, more nimble companies can win. Remove the layers, listen to the frontline people, analyze, test and act!

Done is better than perfect – You need to “plan your work but work your plan.” Prioritize your actions, execute and don’t get hung up on minutiae.

Jobs outgrow good people – Our capacity to learn will be more important than ever. Make sure you have the right people, with the right attitude and skill set working on what’s important. Put your best people on your biggest opportunity regardless of age or title.

Progress is made when we move from analysis to action – In any sport, you move the ball forward to win. For example, analytics are taking over sports. Look no further than the Eagles and their Super Bowl run last year. They relied solely on analytics and made decisions in the moment.

If you’re explaining, you’re losing – Yes we need to understand what happened and why, but we need to put more energy against what’s in front of us, not behind us. Be proactive, not reactive.

Passion trumps experience – Attitude is more important than ever and it’s contagious (both positive and negative). Create energy, don’t sap it! Most of the disruption that is happening is coming from people who believe in their product or service and don’t always listen to conventional wisdom.

It’s a race with no finish line – Change is constant and our ability to borrow, copy, adapt and adopt from successful companies, will allow us to always stay ahead of the curve.

Be the disruptor not the disrupted – Embrace change!

I believe all of these are still relevant and should be considered by all of us. Whether you are on-premise or off, a large company, entrepreneur, or public or private company, you need leaders to run the business. Great leaders need attitude, capacity to learn and the ability to train/teach/mentor/motivate others.

Make sure you understand your people, your community and your consumers.Build your products, merchandising and marketing programs around them. It will positively impact your bottom line!

And remember, Marketing is a race with no finish line.

George Latella teaches Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Food Marketing which is the largest major at Saint Joseph’s University recently celebrated its 55th anniversary. George is also a partner in Beacon Marketing group which provides Marketing planning, research, and e-commerce/direct marketing communications for food and beverage companies. George can be reached at or 610-660-2254.



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