Lagunitas IPA

March 23, 2021
“Beer Speaks, People Mumble” is Lagunitas’ infamous slogan, and when it comes to Lagunitas IPA, the beer certainly speaks for itself. 
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the IPA category has seen tremendous growth in recent years, having gained 10 points of share of craft since 2016. Over 40% of dollars spent on craft beer are spent on IPAs and the IPA dollar share of total beer is now more than 5%. There are no signs of the category slowing down either – just last year, IPAs grew 15% in volume compared to the previous year. 
Lagunitas IPA, one of the OG IPAs from California brewing legend Tony Magee, is currently the #1 IPA in the world. Originally released in 1995, Lagunitas IPA is made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts. It’s a consistent, balanced beer with a relatively modest (6.2%) ABV and great hop flavor that doesn’t overpower your palate. Highly drinkable, this beer has been gaining fans for over 25 years. 
This tried-and-true IPA’s reputation of consistency and quality offers consumers a sure thing in an uncertain time. Right now, more than ever, consumers are returning to brands they can rely on. Lagunitas IPA is ranked #1 or #2 among all IPA brands in every pack size available (singles, 6-packs, 12-packs, 24-packs and draught), proving it truly works across all occasions and sells well in the on and off-premise. 
In the on-premise, Lagunitas IPA is the #1 IPA brand and 70% larger than the next IPA. Lagunitas IPA has double the velocity of the average IPA, and its affordable price and fast turnover on draught means inventory dollars are not tied up for an extended period. Additionally, Lagunitas IPA’s friendly ABV keeps customers in the seat longer, generating larger checks. 
“Whenever Lagunitas IPA is on draught here, the keg is gone within two days,” says Andy Steigelmann, owner of Union Jack’s Olde Glory Pub. “It appeals to the old-school craft nerds, but also the average drinker. People know the Lagunitas name, and their IPA. This beer bridges the gap. You can tailgate with it or just enjoy one. Lagunitas IPA is something that everyone should experience on their journey through the beer world.”
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