Want to Maximize Fourth Quarter Holiday Sales?

October 4, 2018
Understand What Customer Service Means to Women & Men, Because It’s Not the Same.
Even the best assortment of products isn’t a guarantee that customers will walk through your door. That’s why you’ve given so much thought to customer service. Customer service begins with the one-on-one interaction between the salesperson and the customer. Most importantly, it’s your chance to create an exceptional in-store shopping experience, something even the best online companies can’t deliver.
Bridget Brennan, author of Why She Buys, stresses the importance of having a real customer service strategy in place to sell to women. Why? Because women are powerful consumers driving 85% of all consumer purchases. They shop for family, friends and parents. By understanding why and how women make purchasing decisions, you can develop a selling strategy that motivates them to buy more from you, rather than your competitors.
What should a female-focused selling strategy entail? Ginger Johnson wrote the book on how to sell beer to women. It’s called How to Market Beer to Women: Don’t Sell Me a Pink Hammer. Johnson says, “An engaged female customer is a happy customer.” She goes on to explain that women want help from a knowledgeable person, who will assist her in selecting the right product.

For women, customer satisfaction is strongly linked to a shop’s willingness to share expert advice (demonstrate familiarity with the product) and the shop’s ability to help them determine which products suit best. According to a study by The Verde Group, 29% of women considered the “lack of help when needed” as the top problem when shopping. It is also the likeliest reason that stores lose the business of women.
For men, good services mean helping them find the right item and helping them get through checkout quickly.
Gender, more than any other factor, determines how people define a good shopping experience. It doesn’t mean one set of criteria is better, or worse, than the other. It’s just different. And that’s ok. Even women in sales need a strategy to sell to other women. These lessons aren’t meant for men solely.
A husband and wife, who own a local beer retail shop, discussed this topic with their staff the other day. “I always tell new employees how important it is to keep the restrooms clean and carry packages out to the car,” commented the woman. “Now, I have to remind myself to tailor my sales pitch to whomever I’m speaking to, based on gender, so I can make the most of a selling opportunity. As the French say, ‘Vive la Difference!’”
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