The original Sea Dog Brewing Co. was founded by Pete Camplin, Sr. in 1993 in the historic shipbuilding town of Camden, Maine, starting with a 240 seat brewpub and kegging brewery overlooking the dramatic waterfall of the old Knox Woolen Mill. In 1995, Sea Dog opened a second facility, this time a 540 seat restaurant and brewery on the banks of the historic Penobscot River in downtown Bangor. The Sea Dog Brewing Company and their beers are unique within the American craft brewing movement. The beers are formulated and brewed in a traditional style using regionally appropriate ingredients such as imported English 2-row malted barley for the ales and imported German hops and grains for the lagers. Fermentation is also done in a traditional manner using a British top-fermenting yeast in open fermenters to create balanced and fruity-flavored ales with a crisp finishes, unique to true top-fermented beers. Sea Dog Brewing Co. is one of the few craft breweries in New England brewing both traditional ales and lagers.

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