Shipyard Brewing Company was born in 1992 when real estate consultant Fred Forsley, who was about to recommended a troubled retail development in Kennebunk, Maine, which was located on three historic 19th century shipyards, to an investor, was introduced to a new Maine resident, Alan Pugsley.  A British master brewer and brewery consultant, Pugsley was schooled and trained in the art of English ale brewing by the legendary Peter Austin. Out of this new relationship came Federal Jack's Brew Pub, the birthplace of Shipyard ales, which was named for one of the most famous ships to be built on this site on the Kennebunk River. The facility at Kennebunk was quickly outgrown and in 1994 four acres on Portland's historic working waterfront became the location for The Shipyard's second facility. The Portland facility has undergone three expansions since its opening and has increased capacity from 18,000 barrels to 85,000 barrels. Shipyard opened the world's first airport microbrewery in the Orlando (Florida) International Airport in 1997.

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