Chris Frederick

Off-premise Sales Rep
How long have you been with Origlio Beverage? 16 years.
What does your current job entail? I work with Berks and Lancaster County distributors and large format takeout stores. I do a lot of different things, including: introducing new products, creating displays, pricing & marketing and quality audits, to just name a few.
What do you like most about your job? I enjoy working with a very diverse group of customers and personalities.
What does it take to be a top-notch sales rep at Origlio Beverage? Earning the trust of our customers, always following through and being the rep the customers call when they need advice or ideas to improve their business.
What do you like to do when you’re not working? I enjoy coaching youth soccer and wrestling, spending time with my son, watching soccer and hanging out with my girlfriend and friends.
If you could be anywhere, drinking any beer, where would you be and what beer would be in your hand? I’d be anywhere with crystal blue water and a beach, with a Miller Lite or Corona Seltzer (my go-to beer and seltzer).
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