Lynn Fowler

Accounts Payable Clerk for Origlio Beverage and PA Beverage Leasing
How long have you been with Origlio Beverage? 12 years in June.
What positions have you held within the company? I started in customer service in 2008 as an account specialist and moved into finance in 2011.
What does your current job entail? The main function of my job is to work with every department in the company to ensure all invoices are received, processed and paid in a timely manner.
What do you like most about your job? Hands down, the people. I’m a member of a team that makes it easy and enjoyable to come to work every day.
What does it take to be a top-notch Accounts Payable clerk at Origlio Beverage? You have to be very detail-oriented and have top-notch organizational skills.
What do you like to do when you’re not working? I like to be active, preferably outdoors. I’m not a person who can sit for very long – I get bored easily. I always have a great time when I’m hanging out with my kids and other family members, and my friends.
Which emoji do you use the most? Definitely the cry-laughing emoji!
If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be, past or present? My first guests would be my grandparents, who immigrated from Italy in 1931. I would love to have a conversation with them about their experience. I’d also have my dad who passed too soon. He was raised in an orphanage, then recruited by the Army to play baseball and basketball. He then went on to receive a scholarship to St. Joe’s University. I have so much love and respect for this man, and he had so many stories that still needed to be told.
If you could be anywhere, drinking any beer, where would you be and what beer would be in your hand? My happy place is on a beach, with sunny skies, warm temperatures and an ice-cold Corona Premier in my hand!
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