Breakage & Return Policies


**Shortage and Breakage Policy Amendment (June 2017)**

As we strive to continue to improve our customer service, we are continuously making adjustments to become a best in class delivery organization. We recently invested in technologies such as iPads for our Delivery Service Representatives (DSRs) as well as upgrades to our software and infrastructure. As such, here is a list of processes that will change effective 6/12/17.

1. At the time of delivery, the DSR will now apply prior balances to the current invoice, with reference to the prior balances' invoice number. This will include adjustments from previous invoices.

2. At the time of delivery, all products will be checked in and a signature is required.

3.  Any issues with the invoice will be fixed before the delivery is finalized.

4.  We will no longer issue short on truck or customer breakage credits after the delivery is finalized. These product shortages must be identified with the DSR at the time of delivery.

We hope these changes will allow us to improve our delivery accuracy and achieve our goal of providing the best in class customer service. Our team is available at your convenience to answer any questions regarding this transition. Please call 215-698-9500.



  • Breakage that is identified on your order at the time of delivery will be returned and credited on your invoice immediately by your driver.
  • Additional breakage will be reviewed by your sales representative each week during their scheduled sales call.
  • Any breakage that is approved for credit or replacement will be called in to Origlio by your rep to be picked up on your next delivery.
  • Drivers may only pick up breakage once it has been called in by the Origlio rep and approved. This will be reflected on the invoice.

Out of Code

  • Close to code or out of code beer will be reviewed by your sales representative who will in turn notify the District Manager who will approve any returns.
  • Drivers may only pick up close to code or out of code product that has been approved for pick up. That will be reflected on your invoice on the next delivery.

Consumer Complaints

If a product is returned as a result from a consumer complaint, you will receive full credit upon providing the returned product and the name and address of the consumer.We are required to contact the consumer regarding the complaint and submit the product in question to the brewery, for analysis.

Other Returns

Any returns for reasons other than breakage, out of code and consumer complaints will be reviewed by your Origlio sales rep who will in turn notify the District Manager for approval to be returned on your next delivery. This is the same procedure as out of code above.

Keg Returns

  • Tagged kegs are to be ¾ full and in code to be considered for return.
  • Kegs returned as a result of consumer complaints are to follow the procedure above.
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